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On Lensesco.com, you can renew your contact lenses with confidence! In a few clicks your contact lenses are delivered within less than a week and, above all, you save money. This service is covered by your private health insurance as usual.

Lensesco.com is the most practical and economical solution for regular and occasional users of contact lenses.

On Lensesco.com you will find your usual correctional contact lenses of course but also colored and fun lenses, plus easy-care solutions.

Renewing your contact lenses on Lensesco.com means:

* The best prices!
* The guarantee to order original products from well-known brands
* from 48h to 72h delivery (95% of the cases)
* Customer care handled by expert team
* entirely secured payment process
* 7 days a week e-mail online assistance, quick answer guarantee

Lensesco.com is a contact lens company. We work with a variety of lens replacement centers to provide you with the best contact lenses available in the market. Any materials provided on this web site are for informational purposes only.
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