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Nike MAXSIGHT? contact lenses are the result of a partnership between Nike and Bausch & Lomb. Nike MAXSIGHT is a soft contact lens available in two glare-reducing tints. The athlete gets crisp, clear vision without anything getting in their way. Nike MAXS.
$ 49.99
PureVision Multifocal contact lenses
PureVision Multifocal Contact Lenses - The Bausch & Lomb PureVision family of contact lenses is made from balafilcon A, an innovative silicone hydrogel material patented by Bausch & Lomb, with enhanced optical designs and surface properties that provide c.
$ 64.99
PureVision Toric contact lenses
PureVision Toric Contact Lenses - Lens Type: This lens is designed to be worn as an extended wear lens for up to 30 days of continuous wear. However, only your eye care provider can determine if these lenses are right for you and how many days and nights .
$ 54.99

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